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WaterSam Portable Samplers

WS Porti Mobile Sampler

The WS Porti is a battery-operated sampler for remote locations, combining portability with renowned WaterSam quality. Thanks to the modular design, transportation is made easy and various sample bottle storage options can be used.

  • Built-in battery allows use away from mains power
  • Up to 3 week battery run time thanks to sleep mode and efficient technology
  • Robust and durable stainless steel sampler housing
  • Standard-equipped with quality vacuum pump system and 12 mm suction line for reliable sampling of a variety of media
  • Optional compressor refrigeration with the ability to connect to vehicle socket for an uninterrupted cold chain during transport
  • Possibility of connection to various water quality sensors
  • An additional transport box enables quick replacement of full bottles

WS Compact Mobile Sampler

The WS Compact is a battery-operated sampler. With its one-piece plastc housing and compact design, the sampler is easy to carry to remote locaions.

  • Lightweight sampler housing made of HDPE
  • Built-in battery allows use away from mains power
  • Up to 3 weeks battery life with intelligent power saving mode
  • Socket for connecton of an external battery or charger
  • Socket for connecton of flow or event signal
  • USB-socket
  • Robust vacuum pump sampling system for highest repeatability, simple cleaning and minimal maintenance
  • Lockable with separate lock