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Dr. Födisch is a leading manufacturer of CEMS monitoring air pollutants, dust and flow.  Their measuring devices “made in Germany” have been used in operation worldwide for more than 30 years now. The clientele comprises of power plants, cement plants, incinerators for waste, biomass and sewage sludge as well as plants for chemical and metallurgical industry. A wide service and maintenance network and on-call duties guarantees short and quick routes to customers nationwide and abroad.

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Dust measurement

There is dust everywhere in our environment. Industrial processes are the reason for dust and because of the general population growth dust particles continue to increase. The permanent control of dust emissions is becoming more and more important. Especially considered worldwide the potential and the necessity are high. Country-specific, legal conditions specify the compliance with limit values for certain plants.

For emissions and pollution monitoring Dr Fodisch provide dust measurement technique for legally required and process-related measuring tasks.

Tracing particulate matter

The air is the elixir of life. However, the air contains impurities, whose composition and concentration vary depending on the location. Various researches have shown that the fine dust particles in the air are damaging to the heart, lungs and brain. For measurement is often used  complex and expensive measurement technology. Thanks to the compact fine dust sensors of Dr. Födisch this is now history. These are a low cost measuring devices for industrial applications.

Whether the application is for outdoor, indoor, stationary or mobile – the device handling is easy, the measurements are precise and independent from the weather conditions. By means of preconditioned air the particulate matter content of the air is measured every two seconds. By WLAN, the the devices can be linked to other air quality / climate sensors to achieve an efficient, meaningful environmental monitoring. There are many benefiting advantages, for example the analysis of ambient air for particulate matters at workplaces.
Filter monitoring
Dust concentration
Mobile dust measurement

Gas analytics

In the area of analysis technology, we offer you measuring devices and systems for versatile applications. Regardless whether it is for hot or cold gas analysis as well as for stationary or mobile measurement - you will find the right measuring instrument. There can be up to twelve measuring components such as CO, NO, SO2, HCl, NH3 and H2O precisely determined. Special applications complete the product range portfolio.

Emission measurement

Industrial plants requiring approval are subject to strict requirements for compliance of emissions limit values. For monitoring it is only allowed to use measuring devices approved by the Federal Environment Agency. The approval requirements are defined in EN 15267. The number of measured components depends on the plant type, but also on the used fuel.

The determination of the gaseous components takes place after the extractive method of measurement. Therefore a partial gas stream is withdrawn from the exhaust gas stack and led via gas sampling probe to the analyser cabinet.

Process measurement
Hot-wet gas analysis
Cold-dry gas analysis
Oxygen measurement
Odour measurement
Mobile gas analyser
Immission measurement

Flow measurement

The continuous velocity and temperature measurement is very important when operating a system with gas flows (for example indoor exhaust air, exhaust gases).

At emission measurements the current concentrations are determined. For conversion into absolute emitted masses one needs the volume, which is calculated on the gas velocity. This also plays an important role in emissions allowance trading.

Flow measuring device FMD 09
  • continuous measurement of exhaust gas velocity, exhaust gas flow, pressure and temperature
  • compact unit with differential pressure probe
  • can be used in flue gases with high dust contents
  • suitability tested and certified according to EN 15267-3 (QAL1)
  • approved for all plants covered by IED

Flow measuring device FMD 02