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Basis Portable Series

The Basis Portable Series is Jenco’s latest iteration of their portable meters and represents a huge step forward for on-location water quality measurements.

This series introduces Bluetooth connectivity and a merging of the best features from other series, which means doubling-down on reliability, usability and value.

Economical Portable Series

6010M / 6010N / 3010 / 3010M / 3020M / 9010M / 9020M / 9030M

Jenco’s Economical Portable Series are popular among customers for their fair, value-based pricing, reliability in the field, and no-frills ease of use.

Dual-Use Portable Series

6230M / 6230N / 6231M / 6231N / 3250 / 9250M / 9251M / 6250 / 6251 / 6360

Designed to be at ease in the field and on a laboratory benchtop, this series offer true lab- grade quality readings with well-thought-out features and form factor.

Rugged Portable Series

pH6810N / EC3840N / 7810

The Rugged Portable Series is engineered to provide accurate readings for professionals who work in demanding environments. The meter’s electronics are enclosed in an IP67 rated housing which is further reinforced by a thick rubber boot.

Optional IP67 rated electrode cable and connector maintain the protective rating of this meter.

Rugged Portable Series

Pocket Thermometer Series

701 / JF / KC / KF / TC / TF Thermometer

Jenco’s affordable pocket thermocouple thermometers offer accurate and reliable temperature readings for a wide ranging set of applications.

pocket themometer series