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Sensorex Calibration Standards & Maintenance Kits


Replacement Cap for Optical Dissolved Oxygen Probes

The ODOA-series replacement caps let you quickly and easility service your Sensorex Lumin-S Optical Dissolved Oxygen probe. While the caps can last as long as two years in typical conditions, if your cap shows signs of where or your probe is difficult to calibrate, replacement may be needed.

Select from stainless steel or titanium caps to match your probe:

  • For ODO8000 stainless steel probes use ODOA80 caps.
  • For ODO9000 titanium probes use ODOA90 caps.

pH Buffer Solutions

Sensorex pH buffer solutions are used for calibration of pH sensors. Buffers are color coded for:

  • (red) 4.01.
  • (Yellow) 7.00 and
  • (blue) 10.00.

These buffers are NIST traceable and accurate to within ± 0.01 pH units at 25°C, and remain stable over long periods of time.

Buffers are supplied in pints (473 ml).


Refill Electrolyte Solution for pH Sensors

Refillable glass pH electrodes contain liquid electrolyte solution, which serves to close the electrical circuit in a pH electrode. The electrolyte solution must have electrical contact with the solution being measured. Contact is made via a semipermeable junction, which permits a consistent outflow of liquid electrolyte.  Over time, electrolyte is depleted and should be replaced.

  • 3.5 M liquid KCl for Sensorex model pH3000


pH/ORP Electrode Storage Solution

Extend the life of your pH and ORP sensors by using the Sensorex pH electrode storage solution. When the sensor is not in use, place the sensor glass measurement area into the storage solution. The pH electrode storage solutions are supplied in pints (473 ml).


Refill Solution, Potassium Chloride (KCl) for Refillable pH Sensors

Refillable sensors can maintain accuracy for longer time periods. This sensor type requires re-filling with KCl solution when the liquid level is about 1” below the re-fill hole. To do this, slide the protective outer sleeve up to expose the filling hole and fill the electrode to the hole level with KCl (potassium chloride) solution.


Refill Solution for SD7000 Salt Bridges (SDA-7001 / SDA-7003)

Chemical processing, industrial water and wastewater applications can be challenging environments for a pH sensor. Chemicals from the process mix with the reference electrolyte solution, changing the chemistry and leading to erratic readings. Fortunately, our differential pH and ORP sensors feature buffered reference electrolyte (SDS-7050), which can be replaced or refilled when needed. Also compatible with other brands, including Hach* and Water Analytics*. Contains 500mL.

  • Extends life of differential pH & ORP sensors: for use with SD7000, SD7420, and SD7500 sensor models
  • Direct-fit Compatibility: Compatible with several popular Hach & Water Analytics 5-wire differential pH & ORP models
  • One year limited warranty: We stand behind all our products with the Sensorex Guarantee

*Hach is a registered trademark of Danaher. Water Analytics is a registered trademark of Water Analytics. No affiliation, endorsement or sponsorship is stated or implied.


ORP Calibration Kit

The B125 ORP Calibration kit can be used for a simple calibration of both pH and ORP sensors. Use this kit for pH calibration, then convert the pH buffers into stable ORP buffers by saturating with quinhydrone. The B125 ORP calibration kit is a complete, ready-to-use package. Everything you need to prepare the ORP buffer solutions is included. It can be used for up to 30 calibrations, and has a guaranteed one year shelf life.

  • Simple calibration of pH and ORP simultaneously
  • Fast response time
  • Mix and prepare the calibration buffers in seconds
  • Instantly ready for use and ships with plastic beakers and stirring sticks
  • One year shelf life guaranteed


Zobell ORP Calibration Solution

Use this pre-mixed ORP calibration solution for verifying and calibrating ORP sensors. The solution standard is 228mV and is widely used for ORP sensor calibration. Supplied in a pint (16oz) bottle with long term stability.

  • Simple calibration of ORP sensors to known standard
  • Rapid response time with all ORP sensors
  • No mixing required – solution is pre-mixed and ready for use
  • Shelf life of one year guaranteed


pH & ORP Simulator

pH and ORP measurement loops can be challenging to troubleshoot unless you have the right tools. Our CAL-C110 ORP & pH simulator mimics the signal of a perfect pH or ORP sensor. No need to throw away a perfectly good sensor, when the complication might actually be the interconnection cables or the pH/ORP instrument. The simulator can easily pay for itself the first time you consider disposing a perfectly good sensor. This allows the user to identify the sensor, cable, meter, preamplifier, or controller as the cause of the problem.

  • An essential tool for troubleshooting pH and ORP systems: Easily pinpoints the errors in the system to the sensor, cable, meter, preamplifier, or controller
  • Compatible with most pH and ORP systems: Includes one (1) BNC to BNC interconnect cables; additional custom interconnects are available
  • Simulate high impedance loads: Simple button operation enables high impedance load simulation
  • Instantly ready for use: Includes a 9V battery
  • One year limited warranty

Values available:

15ppm (23.8µS) - Mixed Salt
45ppm (70µS) - Single Salt (KCl) - standard value
300ppm (445µS) - Mixed Salt
1000ppm (1417µS) - Mixed Salt
6,956ppm (12,500µS) - Single Salt (NaCl)

TDS / Conductivity Calibration Standards

TDS/Conductivity instruments and sensors must be calibrated together. For a single-point calibration, select the one solution that approximates the expected conductivity or ppm level of total salts.

Mixed Salt standards are the most frequently used in the field to sample naturally occurring water sources, boiler feed water, or cooling tower water. Typical river water, well water, or lake water sample will contain a mixture of several different salts.

Sensorex Mixed Salt standards simulate a “Natural” mixture of common salt compounds found in these sources. Sodium sulfate, sodium bicarbonate, and sodium chloride salts are blended to provide a representative value.

There are certain applications where Single Salt Solutions are preferred. NaCl Solution is routinely used to calibrate instruments measuring Sea Water or brackish water samples. Reagent grade salt and high resistivity DI water is compounded for accurate results. KCI Single Salt Solution may be used with conductivity meters that read directly in Siemens or Ohms.  KCI (potassium chloride) is established as an international calibration standard for conductivity measurement.

Choose the conductivity calibration solution that is right for your application.


Maintenance Kit, Chlorine Dioxide

Keep your chlorine dioxide amperometric sensors running for extended lifetime and improved accuracy using our CLDA-5018 chlorine dioxide maintenance kit. Compatible with CLD Series Chlorine Dioxide Amperometric Sensors. This kit includes:

  • (1) replacement membrane cap
  • (1) replacement pressure relief band
  • (2) 30mL bottles of electrolyte refill solution
  • (2) 10mL syringes
  • (3) polishing squares


Maintenance Kit, Free Chlorine

Keep your free chlorine amperometric sensors running for extended lifetime and improved accuracy using our FCLA-5018 free chlorine maintenance kit. Compatible with FCL Series Free Chlorine Amperometric Sensors. This kit includes:

  • (1) replacement membrane cap
  • (1) replacement pressure relief band
  • (2) 30mL bottles of electrolyte refill solution
  • (2) 10mL syringes
  • (3) polishing squares