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Lovibond® is the only supplier of products for water analysis in the world that manufactures all types of reagents itself, in tablet, powder and liquid form. The production and development of their optimally matched chemicals is not only based on more than 130 years of experience, but also on globally proven and demanded quality combined with the highest possible safety, controlled result quality and a portfolio tailored to countless applications and parameters. Together with Lovibond instruments, their reagents and standards are therefore the ideal system solution for your requirements, including a first-class price-performance ratio and environmentally and health-friendly ingredients in accordance with their "Green Chemistry" logo.


Green Chemistry

For decades, the Tintometer® Group has been known as a producer of reagents for water analysis, which are supplied under the brand name Lovibond®. The wide range of applications requires different types of reagents. Also, users tend to have personal preferences as to which dosage system to use. Their broad product range covers blistered tablet reagents, powder reagents packed in aluminium foil and precise dosing liquid reagents in dropper bottles.

With all their reagents, they strive to keep the formulations as environmentally friendly as possible. Hazardous substances are – whenever possible – replaced by harmless and functionally identical substitutes. Where the required chemistry of the detection method makes the use of these substances absolutely necessary, the concentration levels are lowered to the minimum rate, without compromising the accuracy of the analysis results.


DPD Evo Rapid

The all-round carefree package for the private pool check.

They keep what their name promises: the DPD Rapid Evo tablets from Lovibond® not only have a very low potassium iodide content and are therefore harmless to the health of all private pool users. They can also be purchased by private pool owners without any sales restriction.


The reagents of the VARIO system are specially adapted to ensure the reliability of results you are accustomed to from Lovibond® in other instrument systems as well - especially in Hach® measuring instruments. This also includes the Powder Pack range. The VARIO reagents are also available in other forms.

Tablet Reagents

The tablet form is the most popular indicator system worldwide because it is safe and easy to handle. But the tablet has many more advantages: it can be dosed precisely, has an enormously long shelf life and is also safe to use.

A simple press of the finger is all it takes to release the tablet from the blister packaging and it can be added to the sample without direct contact. The aluminium protection also ensures that external influences cannot harm the tablet and its effectiveness. The shelf life of up to 10 years is thus the longest.

Powder Reagents

The fast and easy use of powder reagents has made them extremely popular for water testing applications in many countries throughout the world.
The powder reagents programme provides users with a real alternative to existing measurement systems. The powder reagents are produced to the same high quality standards that have made Tintometer's tablet reagents so successful for several decades.
Parameters from aluminium and chlorine through to sulphate are just some of the well-known tests that are included in the powder reagents range.

  • Easy to use
  • High Quality Standard
  • Rapid dissolution
  • Popular in many countries

Reagent Tubes

No exact dosing and mixing, no contact with hazardous substances: Using cuvette tests is child's play for everyone without exception. Simply add the sample liquid, insert the cuvette into the measuring device - and the water analysis can start, also automatically via barcode. The reagent causes a discolouration in the sample liquid, which is literally illuminated by the measuring device. This allows the concentration of the examined parameter to be determined.

Liquid Reagents

Reagents in liquid form are undoubtedly the fastest detection agents because they dissolve most quickly in the water sample and develop their chemical effect. They are usually used with several components in a measurement method and are added to the sample one after the other with a pipette. This requires dexterity, because both the size and the number of drops influence the colour complex that forms in the water sample. Therefore, the highest accuracy is required in dosing - and accuracy in counting the drops. The shelf life of liquids is limited: Temporary contact with the air when opening, sunlight, higher temperatures have a detrimental effect.

If the optimum storage conditions are observed, Lovibond® DPD and Phenolred solutions can be used for up to 2 years.

Test strips

For fast determination with chemical reaction

Test strips offer quick, clean results without the fuss of reagents or tablets. Their dip and compare method makes them a popular choice for many applications where speed and simplicity are most important.

  • Hazard free
  • Rapid
  • Always to hand
  • Semi quantitative results

Standard Solutions

  • Ammonia
  • COD
  • Nitrate
  • Phosphate

Powder dispenser PD 250

Precise and repeatable dosing of Powder Reagents

The PD250 is designed for easy and controlled dosage of DPD powder reagents. One click gives the exact amount of reagent required for a 10 ml sample. The PD 250 is the perfect alternative to the Powder Packs for those carrying out a number of tests, saving time while also reducing the amount of packaging waste.
The reagent is supplied in sealed glass vials, sufficient for up to 250 tests. The protective sealing enables a shelf life of up to 5 years although, once the vial has been opened, the contents should be used within 6 months. The vials can be changed quickly and easily.

  • Determination of chlorine according to ISO 7393-2:2017 (free + total)
  • 250 tests
  • 5 years reagent shelf life (unopened vial)
  • Easy handling

Titrator Reagents

The Lovibond® VARIO range has been specially formulated to work on both Lovibond® and HACH® equipment allowing companies an extended choice and value for money when restocking reagents for laboratory equipment.


  • Acidity Titrator VARIO Titrator Pack
  • Alkalinity (M,P,Oh) VARIO Titrator Pack
  • Alkalinity HR (M,P,Oh) VARIO Titrator Pack
  • Carbon Dioxide VARIO Titrator Pack
  • Chloride VARIO Titrator Pack
  • Hardness (Calcium) VARIO Titrator Pack
  • Hardness (Total) VARIO Titrator Pack
  • Nitrite VARIO Titrator Pack
  • Phosphonate VARIO Titrator Pack
  • Sulphite VARIO Titrator Pack

Combi-Packs & Reagent Sets


  • Burette Test Packs
  • Digital Reagents Packs
  • Liquid reagent test- Sets
  • On-Line Reagents
  • Powder Pack Test-Sets
  • Reagent test- Sets
  • Refill Pack Scuba
  • Refill Packs Rapid Tests
  • Refill pack PD 250
  • Tablet reagent test sets (Set)
  • Titrator Reagents
  • Tube test- Sets
  • VARIO Powder Pack Test-Sets