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Measuring. Testing. Automation.

Your competent partner for measurement systems ranging from standard through to customised complete solutions!

Do you need to record measurement data? Monitor a process? Automate a test stand? Observe vibrations? Whether your requirements in measurement and testing technology are simple or complex, Delphin Technology has the matching product! To meet your measurement and testing needs they have universal measurement data acquisition devices, software and tailor-made engineering technology. They will be glad to advise you and work with you to develop a cutting-edge measurement and testing system!

  • Record measured values
  • Monitor plants
  • Automate test stands and plants
  • Evaluate measurement data

Expert Logger | Autonomous Data Logger

Expert Logger is a new generation of data loggers. It combines the latest communication technology with advanced measurement technology, and is based on FPGA technology to make it especially powerful. It can process up to 46 analog input channels at both low and high rates of sampling.  Measurement data can be accurately acquired, independently stored and transmitted to the internet or a PC for evaluation via USB, LAN, WLAN or LTE.


Expert Transient | Transient data acquisition

Expert Transient is a data recorder that can operate independently for the synchronous acquisition of transient and periodical processes. Measurement data can be triggered or continuously recorded over long time periods. Expert Transient is equipped with the powerful FPGA technology.


Expert Vibro | Vibration measurement

Expert Vibro is the device for acquiring transient signals and vibrations. The latest processor technology, based on powerful FPGAs, enables 4, 8, 12 or 16 synchronous channels to be processed at sampling rates to 50 kHz per channel while requiring minimal space. 24-Bit A/D converters ensure high precision.


Expert Key | PC-based measurement technology

Expert Key devices have been specially developed for PC-based measurement data acquisition and testing technology. ProfiSignal Go enable users to quickly begin acquiring their measurement data.

Developed for the user
Expert Key devices have been designed and developed according to actual customer requirements and incorporate reliable measurement technology. The devices can be connected to PCs via USB or LAN interfaces.

The standard version provides users with a practical range of functions. Users select the functions that they need.

Expert Key devices are simple to use and the ProfiSignal Go software is highly user friendly. A patented measurement procedure and ease of operation enables users to quickly carry out data acquisition and evaluation without the need for extensive periods of learning and familiarization. Just three steps are required to portray measurement data in trend diagrams. Data is stored continuously to a database. Users will be impressed by the system's functioning.

Whatever the requirements, Delphin has the matching system: whether for fast system setup, for mobile systems or for fixed installations.


ProfiMessage D | Modular data acquisition

With a ProfiMessage D device, you can immediately begin using a optinal PROFINET interface as well as communicating to third-party systems via an OPC UA Server/Client. The device is also equipped with a display to show important configuration and measurement data. Other special features include universal sensor inputs, high-level data security, and a diverse range of interfaces.

ProfiMessage D

Measurement data acquisition, monitoring and automation

The device utilises faster processor technology to provide the resources needed to realise any application. Its modular design is based on the use of master and slave devices. These can be equipped with one or two I/O modules. A large number of I/O modules means systems can be adapted to different sensor types as well as to the number of channels required. The I/O modules are equipped with 8–24 analog or digital inputs and outputs. In addition to these modules, a range of fieldbus interfaces are also available. Easy connections are possible to PLC control systems for data exchange purposes. With such a diversity of features and functions offered by ProfiMessage D devices, you gain instant benefits:

  • Cost savings – just one system for measuring, monitoring and automation
  • Time savings – easy to configure and practical to use
  • Compatible for future needs – with OPC UA, ready for the IoT

ProfiMessage D enables you to easily develop applications according to your requirements, whether for measuring processes at machines, systems or test stands.

ProfiMessage | Modular process data acquisition

ProfiMessage devices have been specially developed for use as modular measurement, control and monitoring units. ProfiMessage uses a master/slave concept and has a range of I/O modules to meet the requirements of any system. This enables the problem-free functioning of multi-channel systems.

  • Secure and stand alone data acquisition
  • Compact, modular design
  • Monitoring and automation functions
  • Combined process and vibration data
  • Universal analog inputs with high precision capability
  • Galvanic isolation across channels
  • Simple, intuitive configuration and operation
  • Ethernet interface for online operation
  • USB interface for data memory read out
  • Two PROFIBUS interfaces (single or redundant, according to PNO 2.212 V1.2)

Loggito | Compact measured data acquisition

The Loggito devices offer high-precision, universally usable analogue inputs as well as switchable digital inputs/outputs. With an internal memory of 4 or optionally 8 GB, each Loggito effortlessly records and stores up to 240 million measured values. In addition to internal pre-processing and accounting of measurement channels, the Loggito series enables integration into modern, digitally networked infrastructures. The cloud is an integral part of the measurement hardware, so that mobile access to ongoing measurement series is possible from any end device at any time. Record your measurement data decentrally, collect the data locally in your Loggito data logger or centrally in your DAQ system and access the results worldwide. Loggito is very adaptable:

  • for decentralised data collection and monitoring of distributed measuring points,
  • for the low-cost setup of decentralised measurement networks,
  • for low-channel measurement tasks in the laboratory,
  • for process analysis with flexible channel numbers,
  • with universal sensor inputs for many different sensor types,
  • flexibly scalable and expandable through options.
  • Building monitoring
  • Laboratory data acquisition
  • Facility monitoring
  • Cold store monitoring
  • Mobile data acquisition
  • Low-power applications, e.g. in environmental measurement technology

LoggitoLab | Compact measurement data laboratory

LoggitoLab is a precision measurement device for efficiently performing laboratory tasks as well as for ad hoc and frequently changing measurement tasks on machines and systems.

Smart measurement data acquisition in laboratories

The practical desktop device has a selection of laboratory and/or miniature thermal connectors to make it especially simple to connect any current/voltage and temperature signals. The device's internal intelligence and data memory enable fully autonomous operation without the need to connect to a PC.

The LoggitoLab's special feature is its optional server capability to instantly transmit measurement data to tablets or smartphones via WLAN.

  • Plug & Play – Flexible and ready-to-use desktop device with universal analog inputs and combined digital inputs/outputs
  • Optional laboratory and/or miniature thermal sockets to easily connect any current/voltage and temperature signals
  • Maximum measuring precision and resolution
  • Integrated server capability to instantly visualise and analyse measurement data via smartphone or tablet*.
  • Versatile interfaces: LAN, USB, WLAN*, OPC UA*, Modbus TCP*
  • Easy extendibility and scalability whenever extra channels are needed

* Optional internal data memory

LogMessage 5000 | Potential measurements

LogMessage 5000 devices have been specially developed for use as universal data loggers. The ProfiSignal software enables users to immediately begin their measurment and analysis tasks.

Stand alone and secure data acquisition

The LogMessage 5000 is equipped with 16 universal analog inputs. The inputs are designed to cope with high voltages between individual channels. The LogMessage 5000 therefore has no problem measuring non-isolated signals.

LogMessage 5000 is an independently operating data logger for acquiring, monitoring, computing and storing measurement data. An internal data memory enables uninterrupted storage of up to 60 million measurement values.

Delphin customers are especially impressed by the system's intuitive method of configuration and the many options provided by the device.

Every LogMessage 5000 is optional available with the ProfiSignal Go software. Its intuitive operation enables users to easily and quickly acquire and evaluate measurement data with no need for extensive learning and familiarization. Users will be impressed by the system's range of functions.

  • 16 analog inputs
  • Universal inputs for thermocouples, RTDs, mV or mA signals
  • High-precision differential inputs with up to 24-bit resolution
  • Galvanic isolation, isolation voltages of up to 650 V
  • Storage capacity of up to 60 million measurement values (standard)
  • Measurement data portrayable as trends and exportable in ASCII format
  • LAN interface for configuration and data transfer