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Meling Ultra Low Temperature Refrigerators

Meling is devoted to the development of medical and laboratory ultra-low temperature refrigeration units.

Their main products include laboratory / medical refrigerators and freezers, ultra low temperature freezers, blood bank refrigerators, inventory racks/boxs, professional cold room and bio-bank management. They are dedicated to providing solutions including MIBS intelligent biobank, wireless intelligent temperature monitoring, cold-chain storage, blood security technology and CO2/liquid nitrogen backup systems.

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Ultra Low Temperature Freezers

-150°C Cryogenic Freezers

-86°C Ultra Low Freezers

Intelligent Control System ULT Freezers

-86°C HC Ultra Low Freezers

-60°C Deep Freezers

-40°C Ultra Low Freezers

-25°C Biomedical Freezers

Pharmacy Refrigerators

Upright Pharmacy Refrigerators

Undercounter Pharmacy Refrigerators

Ice-Lined Refrigerators

Ice-Lined Refrigerators

Blood Bank Refrigerators

Blood Bank Refrigerators

Combined Refrigerator and Freezer

Combined Refrigerator and Freezer

Refrigerator and Freezer Consumables