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Standards & Solutions

In water analysis, measurement accuracy and reproducible results are of primary importance. In addition, guidelines and specified standards must be followed. For this reason, the analytical methods used and also the measuring instruments must be regularly put to the test as part of quality control. Lovibond® offers a wide range of standards and solutions for precise calibration or verification.


Standards and Solutions for Photometry

Photometry is based on measuring the intensity of the light that passes through a water sample. With the aid of specified standards, qualitative and quantitative analyses can thus be performed. Wavelengths and measurement techniques also play a role. To ensure that both the selected method and the measuring instrument deliver correct results, regular control using reference, verification and validation standards is required. Lovibond photometric standards are:

  • ready-to-use and time-saving: no dilution required
  • available in different concentrations & packaging sizes
  • as kits precisely adapted to your needs and your daily analysis routine

Reference Standard Kits
For detection accuracy and reproducibility of measurement results

Verification Standard Kits
Verification of photometric accuracy at different wavelengths

Complete set for calibration of fluorescein measurement

Set for calibration and maximum accuracy of PTSA measurement

For the quality assurance of analytical procedures


Standards and Solutions for Electrochemistry

In electrochemical water analysis, analytical measurement parameters are determined by means of electrodes and sensors. Standard and control solutions are used to check the condition of the electrodes and sensors and thus the measurement accuracy. They provide reference values for correct measurement and thus enable calibration as well as checking of the entire measuring technique.
Lovibond® offers a wide range of ready-to-use standards and solutions for all electrodes and sensors used in electrochemical water analysis - traceable to NIST and other applicable standards.

Calibration solution
Standards and control solutions for calibration of sensors and electrodes

pH Buffer solution
For regular calibration and checking of pH electrodes

Buffer Tablets
Ideal for making your own fresh calibration solutions

Conductivity Standards
Standards for the calibration of conductivity electrodes and quality control

Standards and Solutions for Turbidity Measurement

Highest accuracy is required for the analysis of drinking water and wastewater. Turbidity is an important parameter for the regular and norm-conform control of the water quality. The measuring instruments used for this purpose employ various measuring techniques, the accuracy of which must be regularly checked and adjusted. Appropriate turbidity standards are used for this purpose. Lovibond® offers the entire range of standards for turbidity measurement in its portfolio - from routine measurements in drinking water treatment to on-line process measurement.

Ready-to-use standards for all applications

Standards for on-line process turbidity measurement with PTV

Secondary standards
The full standard range for turbidity measurement