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Sensorex Lab Conductivity Sensors

Conductivity is an expression of the ability of a solution to conduct electric current. It is expressed as a microsiemen (micro-Siemens per centimeter or µS/cm) or in higher conductivity levels as a millisiemen. It is also the reciprocal of resistivity.

Some industries such as water treatment have adopted a measurement expressed as TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). TDS is approximated with conductivity using a multiple factor and is expressed in parts per million (ppm).

Contacting Conductivity Sensors

Contacting conductivity sensors measure conductivity with two surfaces in contact with the sample. These surfaces can be constructed of graphite, stainless steel, platinum, or similar materials. An AC voltage waveform is sent through one contact of the sensor and passes through the liquid being measured. The second contact surface receives the signal. The resulting measurement determines the conductivity of the water and is displayed on a conductivity instrument which expresses the measurement as microsiemens, millisiemens, or total dissolved solids (ppm).


Contacting Conductivity Sensor, 12 mm Platinum

The CS200 12 mm Platinum Contacting Sensor is ideally suited for laboratory or light industrial process applications. It can be submerged in a tank or mounted inline. It is made of a rugged epoxy body, glass, and black coated platinum. For best performance, we recommend the selection of an appropriate cell constant for your measurement range and a temperature compensation option to match your instrument. This sensor is compatible with most portable and benchtop meters.


Graphite Contacting Conductivity Sensor, 12 mm

Used for Laboratory and Light Industrial Applications: Cells are made from graphite to provide good performance for the value. Choose from 2 cell constants: 0.1/cm and 1.0/cm. Choose from our lab and process versions:

  • Lab versions: with 3 ft (1m) cable, 10K thermistor, and 8-pin connector (for use with Sensorex CM1000 meters).
  • Process versions: with 10 ft (3m) cable, PT1000 temperature element, and tinned lead (for use with Sensorex transmitters).

The sensor can be configured to meet your exact needs. Select from our available options for a quick delivery or fill out the contact us form at the bottom for a custom product! Other cell constants, temperature compensation, cable lengths, and connectors are available. The sensor can be submerged in a tank or mount in-line in a pipe.