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Temperature Monitoring

Inadequately controlled environments can lead to ineffective or spoiled products. Cryopak offer a complete range data logging products to help you save those costs.

The Cryopak Digital business unit is committed to the design and manufacturing of the most technically advanced, reliable, self-powered data loggers in the world.

They employ the latest technology as it becomes available and have a strong track record for introducing new products to meet customer needs. We pride ourselves on being a market-driven company providing a high level of service to both distributors and customers alike.

Dedicated to providing quality management solutions that offer an extensive range of temperature and humidity monitoring devices, Cryopak data loggers are principally used for cold chain management solutions to ensure that food, medical and pharmaceutical products are stored and transported in their required temperature conditions. Their devices are also extensively used for environmental and heating/ventilation monitoring for building management, plus energy saving applications.

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Data loggers and real-time temperature, humidity and pressure monitoring solutions for your supply chain and logistics needs.


Single Use

Multi Use

Real Time Monitoring

Looking for the software to work with your Cryopak Digital temperature monitoring solutions?

Cryopak Digital provides offers software packages to fit your needs.