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Knick Portavo Portable Meters

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The first portables with Memosens technology for measuring pH / ORP, conductivity and oxygen come from Knick:

Knick is the only provider of mobile, portable meters for hazardous locations. Suitable for use in industry, in the lab, for environmental protection, food processing, as well as water or waste-water treatment.

  • Portavo is available with graphical colour display, data logger, USB port, and Li-ion battery
  • The ultra-flat yet robust housing is protected against strong jets of water and fits comfortably in the hand.
  • The integrated sensor quiver protects the sensor against drying out.
Portavo 904

Portable with Li-ion battery and high-contrast segment display

The robust and chemical-resistant housing even survives the standardized drop test from 1 meter onto concrete. High-contrast LCD with scratch-proof mineral glass screen can still be read perfectly after many years.

More than 1,000 hours of measurement are possible with one set of batteries (4xAA).

Data logger entries can be shown on the display using an extensive recorder function. The standard micro USB interface enables

  • connection to a PC
  • software updates
  • charging the Li-ion battery

The data logger records up to 10,000 values. The included Paraly SW 112 software enables easy management of recorded values.

Portavo 908 Multi
Portavo 907 Multi
Portavo 904 X
Portavo 902
Paraly SW 112 Software