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Basis ( Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth )

Upgrade to Next-Level Productivity with App-Enhanced Benchtop Meters

6177N / 6177B / 6179 / 6179B / 3177N / 3177B / 6377B

Jemco's 5th generation benchtop series consists of single and multiparameter models, with or without Bluetooth connectivity.

The non-Bluetooth models are easy to use, providing repeatable, accurate readings. When paired with iOS and Android tablets, the Bluetooth models enable the same user experience as users’ favorite apps while providing graphing, guided calibration procedures, GLP-compliant data storage, data sharing, cloud data storage and user-defined compliance policies.

3175, 6175 Series

3175 / 3175-307A / 3175-307 / 6175

This is Jenco's 4th generation benchtop series which consists of single parameter models that are great for laboratory and research applications. Easy to use and able to provide repeatable, accurate readings, this series an ideal for private labeling.

3173, 6173, 9173 Series

6173 / 6173R / 3173 / 3173R / 9173 / 9173R

This series of Jenco benchtop meters is built with an extra large display and available PC data transfer, well suited for demonstration and any applications where data needs to be recorded or transferred for detailed analysis.

6219 pH / mV / Ion Meter

6219 pH/mV/Ion Meter

Jenco’s most advanced benchtop meter, the model 6219, offers superb accuracy and reliability for the most demanding laboratory and research applications.

Introduced more than 20 years ago, this model still represents the best in reading quality and value.

6219 ph mv ion meter