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SK-L750 Series Dataloggers

SK-L751 Temperature measurement
SK-L754 Temperature & humidity measurement

  • Two sensor probes connectable
  • IP65 dustproof/waterproof
  • Memorizes up to 16000 data
  • No data loss even if battery runs out
  • AC/DC input compatible
  • Data can be copied to PC and micro SD
  • Data analysis software attached
  • Four logging mode options selectable
  • Fourteen different logging intervals
  • Scheduled logging
  • Key lock function
  • Warning display for upper and lower thresholds
  • ID number for each device
  • °C/°F switchable

Other models available for:

  • Pt Sensor Temperature Management
  • 4-channel datalogger
SK-L751 Temperature
SK-L751 Temperature
SK-L754 Temperature & Humidity
SK-L754 Temperature & Humidity

Digital Thermohygrometer

No. 8134-00

SK-140TRH is an ideal thermohygrometer for monitoring indoor environment or air conditioning with its ability to measure temperature, humidity, and wet bulb temperature together.

  • Portable design with a curly cord for easy storing
  • Displays wet bulb temperature in addition to temperature and humidity. Available to show minimum and maximum values, and hold the display to be useful when the value is unstable.
  • LCD backlight equipped for readability in a dark place.
  • A screw hole on the back enables the device to be mount on a fixed place.
  • Auto power-off function saves battery life.
digital-thermohygrometer 8134-00

Temperature/Humidity Transmitter

SK-RHC Series

  • Selectable output: voltage, electric current and RS-485 signals are provided.
  • Three optional probes are interchangeably used with the main units
Temperature Humidity Transmitter 8920-01

Temperature/Humidity Indicators

SK-RHC Series

  • Temperature
  • Temperature/Humidity
  • With alarm
  • Tilting display



Multiple Measuring System for Temperature and Humidity

with Paperless Recorder

This system is a combination of an Assmann psychrometer and a paperless recorder. Adopted Pt100 sensor instead of electronic humidity sensors, the system is especially strong in aging and enables a highly reliable humidity measurement for a long term. Measured values can be stored in SD card to analyze in spreadsheets.

Assmann Psychrometer 7450-00

Assmann Psychrometer

Mercury-filled Dual Tube Glass Thermometer Type

SK-RHG is an Assmann aspirated psychrometer suitable for stable humidity measurement, with thermometers of a measuring range 0 to 50°C. A compact stand available as an option.

Sigma II Thermohygrograph, Quartz Type

(−15/40°C, 0/100%rh or −10/50°C, 0/100%rh)

SK Sato's long-run bestseller with reliable accuracy and functional design to answer to various needs. 55 sheets of 7-day chart paper are attached.

Also available as:

  • Thermograph
  • Hygrograph
  • Barograph
  • and as a Mini-Cube for compact use
Sigma II Thermohygrograph 7210-00

Dial Thermohygrometers

Precision Hair Hygrometer with Thermometer

A reliable hygrometer with a bundle of human hair as a sensor.

Precision Hair Hygrometer with Digital Thermometer

A reliable hygrothermometer of a quality with human hair as a humidity sensor and a thermistor as a temperature sensor.

Palma II Hygrothermometer

Sensors and internal parts, including a specially processed synthetic hair bundle is used as a humidity sensor, is contained in a metallic mesh case in the back.


A big, simple, and yet functional design of TH-300 suits well with a wide room.

Wooden Base Psychrometer

A simple, beautiful classic psychrometer with oils in dry bulb and wet bulb in red and blue colors separately for readability.


Kerosene in dry bulb and wet bulb is colored red and blue separately for readability. Easy to read humidity with a sliding converter plate.

Digital Thermohygrometer

Has a large LCD to enable to read current temperature and humidity from a distance, with its character height 40 mm. Min./max. values of temperature and humidity are also displayed. Alarm of buzzer sound and LED for upper and lower thresholds are available. Equipped with desktop stand and wall mount hook.

Thermohygrometer Whitey

A simple and highly visible design gives this product a roll of not only a thermohygrometer but also a modern interior decoration. Applicable for both wall mount and free standing.