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Lab & Portable Instruments

Portable for mobile water analysis, versatile test system for routine laboratory control or sophisticated instrumental solutions for specific test applications: Here you will find proven instruments and innovative device developments that are guaranteed to fit into your workflow. Lovibond photometers, spectrophotometers and turbidimeters are reliable analysis, control and measurement assistants. Whether as hand-held instruments in electrochemistry, professional laboratory assistants like floc testers or EComparators: Lovibond instruments stand for quality, innovation and versatility in both electronic and visual analysis results.


MD 100 Photometer

The MD 100 photometer is a convenient choice for testing up to 14 parameters on a single instrument, depending on the combination. The instrument has a simple user interface and is constructed for field use.  Several industry specific versions are available the combine all of the tests you need.

  • High-precision optics
  • High accuracy and reproducibility through precision interference filter (5 nm)
  • Industry specific parameter combinations available
MD 110 Photometer
MD 200 Photometer
MD 600 Photometer
PM 600 Photometer
COD Set-Ups
Waste Water Set-Ups

XD Spectrophotometers

Simplify your Work - Save Time and Money!

The XD series instruments are ideal for routine and spectral analysis. As true all-rounders, the XD 7000 and XD 7500 facilitate work routines, especially with automatic method recognition using barcodes, automatic cell recognition and more than 150 pre-programmed methods. In addition to analytical quality control, they also support Good Labor Practice (GLP). The instruments are available together with bar-coded test tubes and a wide range of accessories from a single source - which is also easy on your wallet. High-quality reference beam optics, usability, easy handling and multilingual global applicability round off the versatility of the VIS and UV/VIS spectrophotometers, which are also equipped for flexible on-site use.

  • Automatic test recognition with internal barcode reader
  • Automatic cuvette type detection
  • Support of analytical quality assurance


Spectrophotometer XD 7000 (VIS)
Get high-quality reference beam optics (VIS), barcoded cuvettes, 160 pre-programmed methods and support for quality assurance from one source.
- 166 Parameters
Spectrophotometer XD 7500 (UV-VIS)
UV-VIS reference beam technology with barcoded cuvettes, 160 preprogrammed methods and support for quality assurance from a single source.
- 165 Parameters



Laboratory accuracy meets portability

Ideal for field and environmental testing, the TB350 turbidity meter delivers the most reliable measurements for low range to high range samples with unreached accuracy over the complete range. Its new Multipath 90° BLAC® sensor technology makes it the best instrument on the market. Get lab accuracy as portable solution.

Applications: Drinking Water Treatment, Pool Water Control, Pool Water Treatment, Waste Water Treatment

  • Supplied with sample cells, silicone oil and ready-to-use T-CAL® calibration standards in carrying case.
  • Patented Multipath 90° BLAC® technology
  • Superior accuracy at low & high turbidities
  • Guided & animated procedures on full-colour touchscreen
  • Available with infrared & white light source
TB 211 IR
TB 300 IR

BD 600 - BOD determination

Accurate, automatic and direct control of your wastewater samples

The BD 600 is a respirometric system for the determination of Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD). Save time, reduce the potential for errors and easily interpret data to help make process control decisions for your plant.

Applications: Waste Water Treatment

  • User friendly
  • Large brillant graphic display
  • Graphical representation of measured values
  • USB & SD Card interface

Parameter and Range

BOD 0 - 40 mg/L BOD
BOD 0 - 80 mg/L BOD
BOD 0 - 200 mg/L BOD
BOD 0 - 400 mg/L BOD
BOD 0 - 800 mg/L BOD
BOD 0 - 2000 mg/L BOD
BOD 0 - 4000 mg/L BOD


Conductivity, dissolved oxygen, redox, pH, TDS: If you want to control these parameters, you should use electrochemical measurement instruments for reliable and fast determination. Especially directly on site, these instruments can cope with any environment, are portable, intuitive and easy to use.

Pocket Tester

For water analysis in laboratories or mobile

The SD series comprises a range of compact, easy-to-use, hand-held instruments for the accurate measurement of pH, ORP, Con, TDS or Salt. With robust housing and fully waterproof (IP67) casing, these testers are the ideal solution for in-situ testing in environmental, industrial or pool & spa applications.

The intuitive scroll-bar functionality and backlit display enable the easy measurement and simultaneous display of result, temperature, date/time and other measurement details. With 25 sets of data storage, each with date and time stamp, the units also enable the easy recalling of data for record keeping requirements. Designed and manufactured according to Lovibond® quality standards, the devices are equipped with replaceable electrodes to ensure long-life functionality in the field.


SD 50 pH: pH 0 - 14
SD 50 in case: pH 0 - 14
SD 60 ORP/Redox: Redox -1800 - 1800 mV
SD 70 Con: Conductivity 0 - 20 mS/cm
SD 80 TDS: TDS 0 - 1499 ppm
SD 90 Salt: Salinity 0 - 2 %
  • Portable Hand-Held Meter
  • Scroll-Through Functionality
  • Compact & Robust
  • Storage Function
SensoDirect 110
SensoDirect 150
SD 305 Datalogger Series
SD 335 Multi
SD 400 Oxi L
Electrodes & Sensors
Solutions & Standards


Floc testers with continuously variable stirring speed for laboratory and field use

  • Easy operation and robust design
  • Designed for use on laboratory benchtop
  • Uses low or high form beakers
  • 4 or 6 stirring positions

Available with 4 or 6 stirring positions, the ET 740 and ET 750 Floc Testers offer a full range of features and are ideal for laboratory use.


ET 730
Available with 4 or 6 stirring positions, the ET 740 and ET 750 Floc Testers offer a full range of features and are ideal for laboratory use.

ET 740
Available with 4 or 6 stirring positions, the ET 740 and ET 750 Floc Testers offer a full range of features and are ideal for laboratory use.

ET 750
Available with 4 or 6 stirring positions, the ET 740 and ET 750 Floc Testers offer a full range of features and are ideal for laboratory use.

EC 2000 Pt-Co

Colour measurement of water

  • Immediate & Accurate
  • Straight from the Box
  • Guaranteed Agreement with International Standards
  • Display Results with On-Screen Colour and Numerical Options

Advance from visual (subjective) to electronic (objective) colour measurement.

High precision with 50 mm cuvette path length!

Applications: Chemicals, Edible Oils and Fats, Petroleum Oils and Waxes, Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics

  • Dual Ability to View Colour Comparison
  • Easy Transition from Visual to Electronic Measurements
  • Touch Screen Technology
  • Programmable Settings
  • On-Screen Warning System
  • User Friendly Ergonomics and Intuitive Iinterface
  • Easy storage and sharing of results
  • Single Scale Measurement