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Market leading gas detection systems

Gas monitoring – since 1985.

Depending on the industry and environment, numerous gases may be present that have an adverse effect on the human health or represent a major risk due to their toxic or explosive / flammable properties. KIMESSA offers you the most effective safety solutions to protect your employees and the environment.

KIMESSA is committed to developing, manufacturing and marketing qualitatively and technically superior and extremely maintenance-friendly gas monitoring systems.

Kimessa specialises in stationary gas measuring and control systems. All of their products are developed and manufactured in Switzerland. KIMESSA is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008. All products for explosion-protected zones have been produced according to the high quality requirements of guideline 94/9/EG(ATEX).

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KIMESSA gas detection systems are used worldwide

Modern society frequently encounters both toxic and flammable gases on a daily basis. Gases are utilised in a controlled manner in a wide range of applications however it is essential that we employ critical safety systems to ensure we regulate and control the potential risks associated with an un controlled gas leak.

Gas monitoring for more than 120 different gases

Depending on the field of activity, a number of different gas types may be present that impact on our health and well-being or represent a latent risk due to the build-up explosive or flammable gases.

Applications in industrial and infrastructure and municipal facilities include:

Underground parking

In the area of underground car parks, SWKI VA 103-01 (formerly SWKI 96-1) regulates the design and maintenance of CO/NO2 measurement and ventilation control systems. In addition to simple solutions for small underground car parks, we offer complete digital BUS solutions for medium-size and large underground car parks, for which CO/NO2 gas measurement sensors and gas warning signs can be easily and cost-effectively installed. Combining a KIMESSA control cabinet and KIMESSA humidity control, we are your ideal partner for underground car parks.

Heating units – HVAC
Refrigeration plants
Hazardous material storage/Gas Suppliers
Cold rooms
Sewage treatment plants
Swimming pools
Pharmaceutical industry
Fresh Water Pumping Stations
Animal Husbandry
Wine Cellars
Tank farms
Beverage industry
Steel industry
Refrigerant monitoring
Nitrogen tanks
Beverage dispensing systems/CO2 beer taps


Gas Monitors

Gas Detectors

Alarm Devices


Portable Gas Monitors

Humidity Control in Underground Car parks

Innovative research and constant development create unique KIMESSA gas monitoring systems to meet the requirements of a wide range of industrial applications. Easy to use yet feature rich control monitors along with a wide range of gas measurement sensors actively address risks to personnel and expensive work place equipment.

Thanks to optimised technical solutions, our gas monitoring systems are versatile, high quality and extremely cost-effective. All systems and products undergo constant quality controls. With over 30 years of experience and the extensive technical know-how of KIMESSA as well as your representatives, we provide you a guarantee for optimum advice, performance and support for your gas monitoring system.