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PTV Process Turbidimeters

Next Generation of On-line Turbidity Measurement

Applications: Drinking Water Treatment


Turbidity is the key measurement parameter for determining drinking water quality.

To develop this instrument, Lovibond® Tintometer® assembled a team of globally recognized turbidity experts.  We tasked them with creating a new process instrument that addresses all of the issues customers struggle with while using their current turbidity systems. These advancements, along with the addition of state-of-the-art communications and user interface make the PTV 1000 and PTV 2000 the next generation of process turbidimeters.

Solutions for Better Workflow: Less Problems, More Benefits

Especially in the low measuring range, on-line process turbidimeters often cause problems. The instruments of the PTV series are designed to provide solutions exactly where most users are struggling in practice. Read here why the PTV 1000 and the PTV 2000 offer benefits above all.

T-CALplus – The New Solution for Cheap Calibration & Verification

Lovibond has developed the T-CALplus® primary standards to simplify the calibration and verification of PTV process turbidimeters. This protected system eliminates many errors known to process turbidity instruments.

Stressed by Complicated Installation & Setup?

No more complicated setup actions and endless installation attempts: Never before has the setup of process turbidimeter been so easy as with the PTV 1000 and PTV 2000. Read here why additional instruments are also a thing of the past.

Bubble Trap & Smart Interface for untroubled controlling

Eliminate annoying bubbles and complicated handling: PTV instruments have many useful innovations that relieve the user and facilitate continuous monitoring of water quality. Learn more about the bubble trap, Smart Interface and other tools that save time and money.

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