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Ascon Tecnologic is an Italian company that develops, manufactures and sells a full range of products for the control and automation of machines and systems in the manufacturing, process and refrigeration sectors.

The company designs and manufactures innovative instruments and solutions for the automation of machines and systems.
The wide range of products, from simple temperature controllers to programmable automation controllers (PAC), meets the needs of the most varied application sectors, from refrigeration to process control.

Their products are successfully used in the most diverse product sectors.

Find out how to improve performance or make your machine smarter thanks to Ascon Tecnologic solutions.

PAC Systems

The ideal solution for every application!

New generation of programmable controllers (PAC – Programmable Automation Controller).

They manage the control, monitoring and remote control of machines and small industrial plants.

Two hardware solutions are available: one modular and distributed (SigmaPAC and specialPAC) and one compact (nanoPAC).


Customisable Controllers

Multi-function Controllers

Expandable Controllers

Compact Controllers


Pre-Programmed Systems

Ready-to-use solutions!

Flexible systems able to adapt to plants, through simple configuration and parameterization via touch screen.




DS43 - Dual Speed



I/O Modules

Data acquisition modules in Modbus RTU and CanOpen.

Multiple types of digital and analog inputs.

Up to 8 channels - Delta Modbus Series

Up to 16 channels - Analogue Modules

Up to 32 channels - Digital Modules

Up to 8 channels - X30A

PLC and Operator Panels

Unlimited reliability and lots of space for your data.

Operator panels with LED backlit high resolution widescreen TFT bright displays and up to 128 MB of memory.

Solutions for every space requirement!

For each application where power and control must be separated from the HMI, we produce operator panels, both for front panel mounting and with custom dimensions.

Capacitive Display - PFX Series

Graphic Display - OP Series

Display LED - P Series

Low Cost - PM Series

Industrial Controllers and Indicators

Experience and innovation are the basis of this range of instruments, capable of responding to any performance requirement.

From the “entry level” controller with the innovative “Sensitive-Touch” keyboard to the more sophisticated microprocessor controllers with PID algorithm, in different formats, standard and not.

The most complete range you could wish for! Advanced single and muliloop controllers and programmers, multifunction and with built-in independent timer, in all formats.

Controllers and Programmers

  • KUBE Series
  • GAMMADUE Series
  • K Series


  • TLK Series
  • R3 Series

2 Loop Controllers - GAMMAUNO Series

DIN Rail 2 Loop Controllers - DELTA Series


  • J Series
  • KV Series

Low Cost Indicators - E Series

Mini Indicators - E5 Series

Alarm / Event Indicators - X Series

Universal Indicators - TLI Series

Oven Control

Remote Displays - TVR Series

LCD - TLCD Series

Combustion Controllers - OX Series

Thermostats and Digital/Analogue Controllers

Simple, reliable and cost effective !

Digital thermostats in different sizes for every application and analog controllers in the 1/16 DIN - 48 x 48 mm case.

Complete range of instruments for any application concerning both commercial and industrial refrigeration.

Low-cost Thermostats and Controllers - E Series

Mini Thermostats and Controllers - E5 Series

NFC Controllers - ET Series


  • Y Series
  • TLY Series

Thermostats and Controllers - Z Series

Wall Thermostats and Controllers - W Series

Advanced Controllers and T + RH%

Thermostats - TLZ Series

Beverage Controllers - TLB Series

Beverage Controllers and Panels - B/P Series

Milk Tank Controllers - TLJ Series

Long Case Controllers - TLW Series

Differential Controllers

Analogue Controllers - M481 Series

Timers, Counters and Power Limiters

Multi-scale and multi-function

Timers, pulse counters and microprocessor power limiters with single 4-digit display, equipped with double output and screw terminal block. Some models are available with a buffer battery for counting the time in the event of a power failure.

New model with NFC programming is now available.

Timers, Counters and Power Limiters - TCP Series


  • TTSeries
  • T Series

Pulse Counters - TC Series

Power Limiters - TP Series

Analog Timers - RCT-RTR Series

Defrost Timers - TCS Series