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Wand B Series (Bluetooth)

Simply Powerful – Take Accurate Readings Using Your Smartphone

pH610B / ORP650B / TDS110B / EC110B / EC111B / EC115B

By combining accurate water quality electronics with the power and convenience of smartphones, Jenco waterproof Bluetooth pH, ORP, conductivity TDS Salinity, TDS and temperature testers are the easiest way to accurately measure the water quality of pool, spa, hydroponics, aquarium, home brewing, environmental, plant maintenance, and other home and professional applications.

Wand N Series (Non-Bluetooth)

pH610N / ORP650N / COND110N / COND111N / COND115N / TDS110N / TDS111N / TDS115N

Like its Bluetooth sibling, the Wand Non-Bluetooth Series’ main focus is to deliver accurate and repeatable pH, ORP, conductivity and TDS results easily and affordability.

This was accomplished by starting with Jenco’s longest running and very popular tester series and updating it with better electronics for better accuracy, replacing the potentiometer with buttons with tactile feedback and protecting the upgraded internals with an IP67 waterproof housing.

VisionPlus Series

pH/EC80 / pH630 / pH618N / pH619 / EC330 / EC331 / ORP628N

The VisionPlus tester series offers users accurate water quality readings and advanced water quality functionality in an ultra-portable form factor.

Legacy Tester Series

610 / 620D / 650 / 110 / 111 / 112 / 113 / 115

The Legacy Tester Series, originally developed over 20 years ago and updated recently, continues to be popular for users looking for the absolute easiest way to get meter-based measurements as compared to test strips or other rudimentary chemical test kits.

Legacy Tester Series