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Innovative temperature technology then and now...

What began as a small instrument shop in 1836, developed into an enterprise of international reputation during the 1940’s and 1950’s, and continues to evolve into the 21st century.

Virtually every industry relies on temperature measurement in the production of quality products. Palmer Wahl customers know they can rely on the accuracy of Palmer Wahl temperature instruments for their processess.

From bimetal, mercury, liquid, and temperature labels; to thermo- couples, RTD’s, infrared, digital meters, and thermal imaging - since the beginning Palmer Wahl have proven their commitment to constant progress in the development and manufacture of the highest quality temperature instrumentation.

Digital Process Thermometers

Digi-Stem RTD Systems

DST600 Series Industrial RTD Meters and Probes, designed for temperature critical applications.

  • Digi-Stem RTD Thermometer Systems for Food Processing - with Self-Checking Technology
  • Digi-Stem RTD Thermometer Systems with Local Display, Isolated Second RTD Sensor, and Internal Terminal Block
  • Digi-Stem Thermometer Systems with Local Display, Isolated Second RTD Sensor, and 4-20mA Transmitter
Digi-Stem® RTD and Thermocouple Systems
RTD & Thermocouple Sensor Assemblies

Temp-Plate® Temperature Sensitive Labels

The World’s Smallest Temperature Recorder NIST Traceable with a wide variety of applications

Temp-Plates® are self adhesive temperature recording labels that can be read at a glance. Rated temperatures are printed at the sensor window. Each Temp-Plate contains one to several sealed heat-sensitive elements which change chemical structure when exposed to heat exceeding their calibrated temperatures. Where exacting temperature is critical, a Temp-Plate’s miniaturized size permits installation on parts and in areas where other recording instruments prove impractical.

Irreversible Color Change from pearl gray to black at 1% of indicated value of rated temperatures.

Pressure sensitive adhesive backing rated to 500°F on smooth, clean, dry surfaces. Wahl Temp-Plates are the only NIST traceable labels on the market.

STANDARD Four-Position - 240

Number of Positions: 4

Size: .75" x 1.75"

Base Part Number: 240

Description: Available in Mylar or Kapton

MINI Four-Position - 101-4
MINI Four-Position ROUND - 444
MICRO Four-Position - 441
MICRO Four-Position, Round - 442
Unmarked MICRO Four-Position, Round - 440
MINI Eight-Position- 101-8
MINI Six-Position - 101-6
MICRO Three-Position - 430
MINI Single-Position Round - 414
MINI Single-Position Square - 210
MINI Four-Position Round - 443
MINI Four-Position - 101-4
MICRO Four-Position - 450
Wahl Breaker - WB130

Pressure & Temperature Circular Chart Recorders

Designed for long service life in indoor or outdoor installations, even in harsh conditions.

Designed for indoor or outdoor use, our recorders provide long service life, even in harsh conditions. Palmer Recorders are available in 8" or 12" models, and come complete with either electric, spring wound, or PC-11 (battery operated) chart drive, and up to three (3) felt tip pens.

The combinations of case mounts and internals allow selections which meet your specific requirements without limiting performance or demanding a custom price.

Aluminum Case Mounting Options:

  • Wall, Flush, Pipestand, Portable and Pedestal

Pelican Case Mounting Options:

  • Wall, Pipestand and Portable
  • Available Colours are Black, Silver, Orange, Yellow, OD Green and Desert Tan

Pressure Recorders

Chart Size: 8" & 12"
Pens: 1, 2, or 3
Range: 0 to 30,000 PSI
Accuracy: ± 1/2 chart graduation

Temperature Recorders

Chart Size: 8" & 12"
Pens: 1, 2, or 3, Pelican Case: 1, or 2 only
Range: -40° to 1000°F
Accuracy: ± 1 chart graduation

Pressure & Temperature Recorders

Chart Size: 8" & 12"
Pens: 1, 2, or 3
Range: 0 to 30,000 PSI / -40° to 1000°F
Accuracy: Pressure: ± 1/2 chart graduation;
Temperature: ±1 chart graduation

Heat-Spy® Infrared Thermometers

Portable non-contact infrared thermometers

DHS85XL Infrared Thermometer

The Wahl DHS85XL is the most economical Heat Spy in its class. This small handheld unit is best for close range uses with an 8:1 distance to spot ratio. Temperature range is -4° to 619°F (-20° to 326°C). Spectral range is 5 to 14μm. Powered by a 9V alkaline battery.

DHS115XL Infrared Thermometer
DHS115XEL Infrared Thermometer
DHS125XEL Hybrid Infrared Thermometer
DHS135XEL Infrared Thermometer
DHS235XEL Infrared Thermometer
DHS520 Series Heat Spy High Temperature Infrared
DHS40 Series Heat Spy High Performance Handheld Infrared Pyrometers

R10 Compact Fixed Infrared Sensor

The Wahl Heat Spy Monitor R10 Series Compact Fixed Infrared Sensor is the entry level model in our "R" series of fixed infrared sensors. The 304 Stainless Steel housing is IP65 (NEMA 4) rated, and allows the unit to function in ambient temperatures up to 122°F with no additional cooling required. All models are powered by 24VDC to easily interface with standard PLCs, temperature controllers, or panel meters.

This model has a temperature range of 0 to 500°C (32 to 932°F) and features 4 – 20 mA output. The 20:1 distance to spot ratio is perfect for measuring smaller target areas, or in applications where the distance between the sensor and the measurement area is larger. The rated accuracy is ± 1% of reading, and the fixed emissivity at 0.95 is suitable for measuring a wide variety of materials.

Designed for quick and easy installation, with 5 ft (1.5 meters) of cable or 10 ft (3 meters) of cable available to meet the requirements of your system. Sensor includes two stainless steel locking nuts for mounting in an 18mm or ¾ inch diameter hole.

Bimetal Thermometers

Palmer design, quality, & craftsmanship make Palmer Bimetal Thermometers an industry standard for rugged reliability & accuracy

All Star - Back Connected

Model: 3BC - 3" Case, 5BC - 5" Case

Case/Form: 304SS/316SS Back Connected

Accuracy: 1% of Full Range

Range: -100° to 1000°F or -50° to 500°C and Dual Range Scales

Recalibration: External Reset Nut

Stem Length: Standard lengths to 24", optional up to 60"

All Star - Universal Mount - All Angle
All Star - All Angle
All Star - Back Connected Adjustable Union
All Star - All Angle Adjustable Union
Slip-Fit - External Reset Gear - Back Connected
Slip-Fit - External Reset Gear - All Angle
Sanitary Bimetal - Back Connected
Sanitary Bimetal - All Angle

Rigid & Remote Filled System Dial Thermometers

Palmer's Direct-Drive Double Wound Temperature coil offers accuracy and toughness in many applications.

Rigid Dial Thermometers with 1-1/4"-18 Swivel Nut Fitting & Tapered Bulb

Model: 35A, 35AL - 3.5" Case, 50A, 50AL - 5" Case

Ranges: -100° to 1200°F or -60° to 500°C

Connection: 1-1/4" UNEF - 18 Swivel Nut, Optional 7/8"-22 Swivel Nut

Accuracy: ± 1 Scale Division

Calibration: External Reset Calibration Screw on back of case

Fill: Liquid or Mercury Actuated; Mercury over 500°F

Stem Length: 3.5" to 72"

Option: RTD or Thermocouple electronic sensors. 2, 3, 4

Storage Tank Thermometers
Rigid Dial Adjustable Union with 1/2" NPT SS Adjustable Union & 3/8” Diameter Stem
Remote Reading Dial Thermometers Wall Mount
Remote Reading Dial Thermometers Flush Mount
Remote Reading Dial Thermometers Wall or Flush Mount
Rigid Dial Thermometers with 1/2" NPT & 1/4" Diameter Stem

Pressure Gauges

The rugged construction and design of Palmer Fearless Gauges is enhanced by Palmer’s vibration and pulsation resistant Dampened Movement. The results are a Pressure Gauge suitable for demanding applications in all industries.

Fearless All Stainless Steel Gauges

Model: 40SF

Dial Size: 4"

Tube/ Socket: AISI 316 SS

Connection: 1/2" NPT

Range: 0-20,000 PSI, -30" Hg/100#, Bar, kg/cm2, kPa

Rating: IP65

Gas Test Gauges
All Stainless Steel Gauges
Low Pressure Gauges
Brass Case Gauge
Stainless Steel Case Gauges
Painted Steel Case Gauges
Contractor Gauges
Solar Gauges