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SATO Digital Thermometers

Digital Min-Max Thermometer

Equipped with an internal sensor and an external probe, PC-3500 displays the temperature obtained from either one of them, along with minimum and maximum values during measurement simultaneously.

* Sensors are not replaceable.

Min-Max Thermometer with Hygrometer

A convenient thermohygrometer to monitor minimum and maximum temperatures as well as current temperature and humidity at a glance. Ideal for greenhouses.

Waterproof Digital Thermometer

An IPX5 waterproof thermometer that allows you to handle with wet hands. A portable light-weight body with a wide measuring range of –30 to 150°C contributes to versatile application. Max./min. display function, display hold function available.

Waterproof Digital Thermometer

A portable waterproof thermometer with IPX7, a highest watertight property, and fast response achieved by ultra-thin sensor needle with a diameter of 1.5 mm. Display orientation can be rotated to make you read it easily whichever hand you hold with. Range −50 to 240°C, available to show maximum/minimum temperature and hold the display.

Refrigerator Digital Thermometer

A digital thermometer to keep showing current, maximum, and minimum temperatures altogether, which can be placed inside a refrigerator as a whole. For a freezer, insert only the external probe inside the door to make it work as well as refrigerators. The 3-meter-long external probe detects down to −50°C, while the internal sensor measures down to −5°C when the probe is not connected.

Precision Digital Thermometer

A precise thermometer of 0.01°C resolution with a range of –100 to 360°C, to alternate mercury-filled standard glass thermometers so far used. Purchase a probe sold separately to meet your purpose.

Jumbo LCD Digital Thermometer, 1-channel Type

A digital thermometer with a large LCD available with various probes for different applications. One probe must be purchased separately.

Waterproof Digital Thermometer with Probe

A waterproof handy digital thermometer ideal for measuring food temperature. This model includes a standard probe S270WP-01.

Waterproof Digital Thermometer with Standard Probe

Suitable for temperature control in food production, laboratories, factories and construction sites. A standard type-K thermocouple sensor SK-S100K is included in a kit.

Wall-mount Waterproof Digital Thermometer

A large display with a digit height 40mm contributes to good visibility for example in a restaurant kitchen. With a probe attached with this main body, it is washable in whole. A dedicated probe S100WP-01 (Cat. No. 8051-00) must be purchased in addition.

WBGT Heat Stress Monitor

A compact all-in-one heat stress monitor that can measure temperature, humidity and heat radiation to calculate WBGT index, which is used as a guide for preventing heat stroke and estimating heat stress in a hot environment.

Digital Thermohygrometer with Guide for Comfortable Environment

This thermohygrometer shows WBGT index (heat stress index) or absolute humidity, and a difference between the measured and recommended values. It helps you create a comfortable environment.