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Test Kits

They are fast, efficient and accurate. Lovibond® test kits are ready to use for analysis, determination and control – for a wide range of applications and parameters and for individual instruments. Whether in a practical box as a minikit or as a mini-lab in a case of the standard test kits for many different applications: Our test kits provide flexibility including easy handling and result precision. Specially adapted to the CHECKIT Comparator, Comparator 2000+, the three-chamber tester or titration is the perfect test package with reagents and accessories. No matter whether you are testing clean drinking water, supporting production processes or providing quality assurance.


Versatile rapid tests for a wide range of applications

They are user-friendly and suitable for a wide variety of applications in water analysis.
Thanks to various test procedures, the MINIKITs are one thing above all else: a reliable companion.

  • Easy operation and exact reagent dosing
  • High accurarcy
  • Foil-wrapped Lovibond tablet reagents with a minimum guaranteed shelf lofe of 5 years
  • Unrestricted shipment

Products for:

Alkalinity-m 10
Alkalinity-m 20
Alkalinity-p 20
Alkalinity caustic-p
Acid capacity KS4.3
Cyanuric acid 20
Chloride 10
Hardness, calcium 10
Hardness, total, low
Hardness, total, very low

Hardness, calcium
Hardness, total
Limit 4
Organo phosphonate
QAC (Qaternary ammonia compounds)
Acid concentration
Sulphate, low & high
Sulphite, low & high
Tannin index

CHECKIT® Comparator

Testing with the colour disc in many applications

CHECKIT® Comparator Test Kits are accurate, easy to use test kits for water analysis. Simply add the reagent to the sample cell, rotate the disc until the color matches the prepared water sample and read the concentration value.

  • Supplied field-ready in a carrying case with reagents and accessories for 30 tests
  • Wide range of parameters for a variety of applications
  • Color discs have a continuous color gradient making it possible to achieve a direct color match - no need to extrapolate the result between two color standards

Test Kits Single Parameter

Testing with the colour disc in many applications


Test Kits Multi Parameter

Testing with the colour disc in many applications



Testing with the colour disc in many applications



Low cost, easy, fast

Comparator 2000+

More than 400 different test discs available

The Comparator 2000+ is a versatile colorimetric system for water analysis. Comfortable handling, no compromise on accuracy and reproducibility: The Comparator 2000+ can be used for many applications. Swimming pools, research or drinking water treatment are just a few examples.

  • More than 400 different test discs available
  • Compensation for coloured and turbid samples
  • Guaranteed constancy of the coloured glass standards
  • Integrated prism


Colourimeter with colour standards for professional use


Test Kits Comparator 2000+

Colourimeter with colour standards for professional use


Comparator Colour Discs (Water)

For use with the Comparator 2000


The fast assistant for Pool Testing

Water care is a must, even for the smallest pool. No pool owner can get a reliable overview of whether the pH value and chlorine content in their water paradise are in order more easily and quickly than with the pooltester from Lovibond®. Simply immerse the water tester or fill a water sample into the chambers, add a fast-dissolving test tablet and see with your own eyes where there is a need for action. The water changes colour and the comparison scale makes it easy to read off the values. From pH to chlorine, bromine, active oxygen to copper and calcium hardness, the pooltester offers all the important parameters that every pool owner needs to keep an eye on, depending on the version.

  • Easy to use
  • Futuristic design
  • RAPID tablets fast dissolving
  • Highest accuracy

Compact Pool Test Kits

Focus on various parameters simultaneously

Perfect for water analysis in private pools.
Measure several parameters at the same time.

  • Easy to use
  • Futuristic design
  • RAPID tablets fast dissolving
  • Highest accuracy

Water Safety Kits

Save lives with safe potable water

Don't improvise with different equipment anymore. With the Water Safety Kits from Lovibond® you get the complete equipment for each water testing challenge. Ensure microbiological and physio chemical tests for the most critical parameters to determine the suitability of water for drinking.
You will not need any further tests.

  • Wide range of test kits for potable water testing
  • Complete equipment for chemical and microbiological analysis

Industrial Water Test Kits

Nothing works in industry without water. Raw water, make-up water, process water, boiler water, cooling water, water in open and closed systems: Everywhere, water drives the processes and is an essential component. But not all water is the same. It has very different qualities depending on its origin and region. The requirements for water quality also differ enormously depending on its intended use. This is why the control and treatment of industrial water is of crucial importance. Only those who keep an eye on the relevant parameters, observe prevention rules or legal requirements and initiate the right treatment measures are safe from problems. In the end, these can not only ruin the material, but also put entire plants out of action. In an emergency, people are at risk.

Boiler Water Test Kit

The complete equipment for all parameters of daily Boiler Water testing


Cooling Water and Closed System Test Kits

Regular cooling water monitoring for respective water types and parameters


Cutting Fluid Test Kit

Complete mobile laboratories for industrial water control


Disinfection Test Kits

Disinfection monitoring of water systems in commercial buildings


Single Parameter Drop Test Kits

A wide range of single parameter drop tests for many applications


Non-Oxidising Biocide Test Kits

Monitoring of biocidal performance


Sewage / Effluent Test Kit

Complete mobile laboratories for industrial water control


Softener/Pre-treatment Water Test Kits

Complete mobile laboratories for industrial water control


Water Treatment Engineer Test Kits

Mobile laboratory for water treatment engineers


Test Kits for Boiler/Cooling water

Complete mobile laboratories for industrial water control

Arsenic Test Kit

Equipped for all demands

The arsenic test is due to its high sensitivity suitable for the determination of arsenic in drinking water.


  • Sensitivity is according to the requirements of the WHO for drinking water quality. This test detects 0.005 mg/L Arsenic.
  • The removal of the interfering sulfide ions is integrated in the test procedure. To minimize the potential danger for the user of the test kit it doesn’t use the highly toxic lead acetate for the sulfide removal.
  • A solid acid substance is used in order to avoid any irritation by a corrosive acid on the user’s hands.
  • The unbreakable plastic reaction vessel is more convenient and safe for on-site testing.
  • During the test procedure the reaction vessel is tightly closed. The developing arsine gas cannot escape and therefore does not harm the user.
  • The test kit contains a water-proof colour chart which also includes the brief instruction for use in pictograms. Even if there is a lack of knowledge in foreign languages everybody can now handle the test kit.


Resolution: 0 – 0.005 – 0.01 – 0.025 – 0.05 – 0.1 – 0.25 – 0.5 mg As3+/5+/l