Even today, sensors with the classical glass membrane are the most reliable and accurate pH sensors and, for this reason, they are also the standard at Knick. Since pH sensors have a temperature-specific characteristic (Nernst), the temperature must be recorded at the same time as the pH value for compensation purposes. Most pH sensors by Knick are equipped with integrated temperature detectors. The multi-pole connection required for these sensors is established using a VarioPin (VP) connector cap.

“Glass highly resistant to alkalis” has proved successful as pH-sensitive glass with universal properties for the majority of applications, particularly processes with a strong chemical influence or for CIP cleaning. For measurements at very low temperatures, a special pH glass with low impedance is used.

Most of the pH sensors offered by Knick are available not only in the standard length of 120 mm but also in 225 mm length for use in the Unical® 9000 and Uniclean® 900 automatic cleaning and calibration systems. Ceramat® and SensoGate® retractable fittings provide optimum functions for these sensors.


pH Sensors/Electrodes

Liquid Analysis

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