Moisture plays an important role in determining product quality or as a process parameter during the processing of food and feedstuffs, chemical, pharmaceutical and mineral substances etc.

High measuring throughput – The microwave resonance method developed by TEWS Elektronik delivers results within a fraction of a second, with the total measuring speed peaking at more than 100 readings per second. This is enough to analyze even quickly flowing products.

Insensitive to interference – TEWS moisture Elektronik measuring systems are designed to be insensitive to interference such as varying product properties (e.g. density, color, graining, surface drying) or by ambient conditions at the measuring point (dust, different piling heights).

Practical equipment – MW 42XX-series instruments optionally come in a compact housing equipped with a 24V power supply. Variants with special explosion protection are available for use in areas at risk of explosions.

Touch screen and PC operation – The online measuring instrument MW 4270 has a 10.4” (26,4 cm) color touch screen monitor. MW 4260 has a LC-display for showing the sensor readings. The capabilities of the instrument can be enhanced by connecting the MW 4260 to a PC and running the software "TEWS Moisture View ©", which is included in the package.


Moisture Meters | Measurement

Process Instruments MW 4200 / MW 4260 / MW 4270

Accurate Online Measuring of Material Moisture

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