Kimessa Smart Gas Monitoring Systems

Today's society lives and works with poisonous and flammable gases and vapours day in and day. Gas is an economical, functional and comfortable commodity, but one which can become and dangerous if it gets out of control.

Intensive research and development have led to the production of the compact Kimessa gas monitoring system for industrial and domestic application. With it DUOline, OCTOline and CANline control units, and an extensive variety of gas sensors, KIMESSA is helping to prevent accidents and damage people, homes and factories. It also actively promotes energy saving by monitoring and controlling the use of gas.

Thanks to the ingenious technical solutions they offer, the KIMESSA gas monitoring system are versatile, of high quality and extremely cost-efficient. KIMESSA products are subject to thorough quality control and manufactured using innovative production techniques.

Specialising in detection of ammonia, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, combustible gases and vapours, etc.



Gas Analysis

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