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Tecnologic offer a wide range of process controllers. Below are listed some of the more popular models.

Liquid Analysis

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2 and 4 output PID controller with integral timer optionTLK 38 and 39
The TLK 38/39 are powerful microprocessor PID controllers. This range of instruments uses flash processors which allow custom features and controls accuracy not previously available in this package size.



DIN mounting controller/alarm TLK 35
The TLK 35 is a DIN rail mounted PID microprocessor temperature controller. Using the same internal electronics and software as the TLK 31/32 range this unit offers excellent process control results.



DIN sized 2 and 4 output PID controllers
The family of Tecnologic products continues with the standard DIN size packages (single and dual display versions are also available). These units offer all the industrial features you would expect along with the possibility of an integral timer option.



Entry Level PID controller with sensitive touch technology - R38
The R38 instrument range offers high accuracy PID control whilst remaining exceptionally simple to program. Limited to only 24 parameters it combines high level control software with additional basic control features and sleek design.


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