SenseAir® CO2 sensors are used in:

  • energy saving intelligence and comfort added features, to traditional ventilation components like stand-alone fans, exhaust valves, window openers, fresh air supply actuators, etc.
  • process yield and economic outcome in many bio-related processes, such as in greenhouses, mushroom farming, food transportation /storage, chicken hatcheries, incubators, dairying, etc.

HVAC | CO2 Sensors/Transmitters

Gas Analysis

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aSENSE® is a combined temperature and CO2 transmitter. Detected values are transformed into two analogue output signals that can be transmitted to a system master or DDC. aSENSE® is available both with and without LCD display for FIXED installation in the climate zone as well as in the ventilation duct.


aSENSE®-VAV is a combined temperature and CO2 controller with a built-in P-regulator. Detected values are transformed into analogue and digital signals presented through four separate outputs: two analogue, one relay and one open collector / 3rd. analogue (selectable). Includes a LCD display and push buttons. aSENSE®-VAV is available for installation in the climate zone as well as in ventilation duct.


aSENSE® m III is a microprocessor based controller with built-in sensors to monitor CO2, CO and regulate the indoor environment according to these parameters.


eSENSE is a low cost, state-of-the-art, infrared and maintenance free CO2 transmitter for installation in the climate zone. eSENSE measures CO2 concentration in the ambient air up to 2000 ppm and transform the data into a analogue 0/2-10 V / 4-20mA output signal.


aSENSE® - GH is an advanced transmitter for installation in agriculture environment with focus on greenhouse. aSENSE® - GH measures both temperature and carbon dioxide concentration in the ambient air, transforms the data into digital output signals and sends these values to a comprehensive system.


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