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Sensorex's Industrial Dissolved Oxygen Probes provide long life and low maintenance, making them reliable for long term deployment for your waste water or aquaculture applications.

The Sensorex line of Industrial Dissolved Oxygen probes are fast response galvanic sensors. They have a large reservoir of electrolyte and are available with either mV or 4-20mA outputs.

Key features include: large volume electrolyte reservoir for long term continuous deployments. Sensors are available with either a durable PTFE membrane or a wide span HDPE membrane. All models are available with an optional integral temperature sensor. Calibration is easy, requiring only a single-point air calibration. DO6400T probes are an excellent choice for aquaculture DO monitoring and control.

The DO6441T is also perfect for aquaculture applications and which now offers the user a factory calibrated 4-20mA output for direct PLC interface. DO7400 series probes are best suited for applications in which DO level is below 0.5ppm (500ppb). 4-20mA versions of the DO7400 are also available (DO7441 - 0-100% sat and DO7442 - 0-200% sat).

DO Accessories and Replacement parts are readily available from stock. Complete membrane maintenance kits include everything you need to overhaul your DO sensor. Replacement membranes can be purchased in economical 5 or 25 count membrane packages and can be installed in just a few minutes.

Dissolved Oxygen

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