Water Level Measurement


OTT Orpheous Mini

OTT Orpheus Mini is equipped with a rugged, ceramic-capacitive measuring cell and a precise temperature sensor. A data logger, which can be configured individually, stores and manages the monitored measured values in a 4 MB non-volatile memory (corresponds to approx. 500,000 measured values). The connexion for data retrieval and start-up and the power supply of the OTT Orpheus Mini are provided by the communication unit.

The kevlar-reinforced pressure probe cable with pressure compensation capillary in combination with a desiccant cartridge prevents reliably measuring errors by compensating barometric pressure fluctuations.

When downloading data the data logger transfers the measured values via a RS-485 connexion to the communication unit, which establishes a non-contact transmission of the data via infrared interface (IrDA) to the reading unit or notebook.

Power supply can optionally be provided by Lithium batteries (min. 5 years operating time/1 h measurement interval) or Alkaline batteries (min. 1.5 years operating time/1 h measurement interval). The batteries can easily be changed on site.

Various adapter plates and a suspension bracket allow a very easy and fast installation in well pipes of 1" to 6" diameter. From a pipe diameter of 2" control measurements via contact gauge are possible without removing the groundwater data logger.

  • Potted, hermetically tight pressure probe with data logger
  • Installable in well pipes of 1" diameter
  • Ceramic-capacitive measuring cell
  • Longitudinally stable pressure probe cable by Kevlar core
  • Communcation unit easy to open: change of batteries possible on site
  • Infrared interface (IrDA) for non-contact, convenient data transmission
  • 20bit AD converter
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