KEM Portable Brix Meter BX-1

The Portable Brix Meter BX-1 is a handy portable brix meter which can be used anywhere for easy measurement. After putting the sample on the prism, the brix measurement will be displayed on the screen in 2 seconds.

Due to its wide measuring range, you can use just the Por-table Brix Meter BX-1 for all your brix measurements.

  • Measuring range 0.0 ~ 85.0 Brix %
  • Precision ±0.2 Brix %
  • Minimum Resolution 0.1 Brix %
  • Temperature compensation function Yes (10 ~ 75℃)
  • Display Brix%
  • Power source Two AAA (alkaline) batteries
  • Battery life 30,000 measurements*
  • Dust/water resistance class IEC529 IP65
  • Main unit material ABS resin
  • Weight Approx. 100g (Excluding batteries)
  • Dimension 45(W)x32(D)x153(H)mm


  1. Brix measurement on fruits and vegetables
  2. Brix measurement on beverages and liquors
  3. Brix measurement on foods
  4. Brix measurement on seasonings

Download BX-1 Brochure

*Battery life is recorded by continuous measurements with new alkaline batteries.

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