Handheld Instruments MW 1100 and MW 1100S

Portable, accurate, universally applicable


Portable moisture meters MW 1100 and MW 1100S are light-weight and handy models which allow operators to quickly and accurately monitor the moisture in a wide variety of products. They are intended in applications for manufacturers, goods receiving stations and quality control departments.

The sensor of the MW 1100 is flat and dish-like at the bottom, designed to ensure full contact with the sample under analysis. The moisture content is obtained within one second and then displayed. A MW 1100S measurement is made when the lancet probe with the sensor at its tip is pushed into a bale, filled box or similar package.

  • Measuring range: The actual measuring range is specific to the material under analysis, ranges from 1 – 50%, and can be selected in some sections. Supported product temperatures range from 5°C to 60°C, are read using the integral infrared temperature sensor and are compensated by optional thermally stabilized calibration.
  • Measuring time:Less than one second
  • Memory: The EEPROM stores calibrations for up to 25 different products and a total of 250 measuring results.
  • Ports: The instrument features an USB port for PC connection and a charging socket.
  • Software: Besides the on-board firmware, PC communication can be operated using the convenient software TEWS Moisture View Lite.


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