Economy Incubators (Ambient +5°C to 60°C)

Thermoline have four economy incubators available, all designed and manufactured in house. These models are economical and very easy to use making them an ideal choice for all non critical samples requiring incubation. A wide range of fan forced models are also available, should tighter control conditions and larger volumes be required.

Economy Laboratory Ovens
(Ambient +10°C to 200°C)

Thermoline’s economy ovens are designed and manufactured in Australia for all non critical laboratory and light industrial functions. This range includes two economy models (gravity and fan forced air circulation), plus one dehydrating model which is ideal for applications where moisture removal is required. These models are very well engineered making them reliable and long lasting.


Incubators | Ovens

Thermoline Scientific offer a range of economy incubators and ovens that are ideal for laboratory use.

Thermocline Scientific
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