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Measurement of viscosity is an important criterion in control of incoming goods and quality assurance. A frequently asked question is: what's the viscosity of my sample? But viscosity is dependent on many different factors, such as shear rate and temperature.

A rheometer can provide that critical information.


proRheo 123

Is a rotational rheometer for measuring viscosity with VT02- measuring systems. This instrument was designed for particulary easy viscosity measurement. It combines the well-established and accurate proRheo measurement technology with easy handling and clear display.

  • Fix measuring bob
  • Switch instrument on
  • Start measurement
  • Read viscosity in the display

Use: The viscometer Rheomat R123 is suitable for fast and reliable determination of viscosity in laboratory and factory, especiallly for production control, control of incomming goods and quality assurance.

Applications: Applications are various: e.g. colours and varnishes, coatings, food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, plastics, chemical basics and much more. The Rheomat R 123 is a classic rotational viscometer.

Other models are available.

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