OPERON's ultra-low temperature freezers are indispensable for use in Bio-medical, Pharmaceutical, Hospital, School and Research Centre laboratories for storage of high value materials in relation with life science - Biotechnology, Genetics, Medical science, or Food industry.

Ultra-low Freezers | Freeze Dryers

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Ultra-low Temperature Cryogenic Freezers

  • (-50°C to --156°C)
  • Storage for Blood / Sperm / Cell / Umbilical Cord etc.

Cryogenic Temperature Without Liquid Nitrogen

Stable, long-term preservation of cells and tissues can be achieved by reaching ultralow temperatures. Temperatures, generally lower than -130 degree C, create a state where ice crystals become amorphous. That is the recrystallization point of pure water of the glass transition(vitrification) Temperature of water. even if cryoprotective agents are used to assist in the preservative function, recrystallzation can occur at opproximately-115 degree C

Recrystallzation within and outside the cells may cause damage to the samples, maintaining an ultralow temperature of -156 degree C, far lower than the recrystallzation point, maintains vitrification of the samples without crystallization.



Low Temperature Deep Freezers

  • Type A -40 degree c; single stage system
  • Type B-55 degree c; single stage auto cascade system
  • type C -86 degree c; two stage cascade system

Freeze Dryers

  • Fast cooling/Fast Defrosting System utilizing Operon's internationally
  • Patented Cryogenic refigeration system(patent No.:0337991) and water vapor cryo cooler technology - Compact and efficient with the Square type of drying chamber
  • - Maximum cold trap temperature of -86℃~-120℃ collects all vapors and protects vacuum pump
  • - 40mm of clear acrylic chamber and trap door enables monitoring thoughtout freeze drying process

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