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WinLab Data Line Photometer for water analysis

WinLab Data Line Photometer including chargerWinLab Data Line LEDPhotometer.
For exact mobile or laboratory measurements in the 380 to 810 nm range.

High precision: The electro-optical accuracy within a wide range of extinctions from -0.500 to 2.000 lies at ±1.5%.

Display: Back back-illumination and display cover made of scratch-proof mineral glass, the digit-size for the measurement display is 12 mm. Furthermore, the display informs on date, time, measurement steps, article no. of the reagents used and of course all operational steps.

Data logging and interface: To save up to 1000 data records. GLP-conform. The following is documented per data record: date / time / wavelength / reagent used / measurement result / measurement number / location of measurement.

  • Big spectral range from 380 to 810 nm
  • High, photometric precision
  • Flexibly usable for many reagent types
  • Method memory for 150 calibration curves
  • Operation instruction for reagents can be read
    directly from the display
  • Complete documentation per data logging
  • Includes software for documentation
  • Robust, tested new housing, waterproof
  • Backlit display
  • Display cover made of glass, scratch-free
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