Hygrocontrol Type LABO 76

  • Exceptionally Accurate Laboratory Instrument for Measurements of Rel. Humidity, Water Activity and Temperature.
  • 2-line digital LC-Display for Humidity and Temperature
  • Water Activity Chambers, Surface or Insertion Probes.
  • Temperature Compensation of Rel. Humidity Values
  • Microprocessor Control of Measurement and Calibration
  • Relative and absolute Humidity Dimensions may be choosen.


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Sales Enquiries: 09 525 1875

Measurement method: The Relative Humidity and Temperature Laboratory Instrument offers a maximum accuracy in a small package. Controlled by Microprocessor and calibrated by a patented 8-point methode, it offers very high precision and performance. Applications include Water Activity Measurements of Grains, Textiles, Foods, Pharmaceutical Powders, Foils, Walls and other Materials.

Applications: The type 76 Laboratory Instrument can be used for laboratory or field measurements. Different power supplies are available like 24V, 110V, 230 VAC or 12, 24, 10...30 VDC. Probes of different diameters and different materials may be connected to the LABO 76 without recalibration.

Materials: Aluminum housing, different probes with SS-316 tubes, surface probe and water activity chambers are available - analog or digital outputs may be supplied. We grant a full year warranty on materials and workmanship.


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