The new design KEM DA600 density meters are compact, with a foot print about the size of an A4 sheet of paper. They are rugged with a die cast aluminum case. The need for a key pad is eliminated due to the addition of a full colour TFT screen which is fully intuitive for easy programming. The screen can be fully customised to suit your personal preferences.

The most common problem encountered when using a density and specific gravity meter are air bubbles trapped in the measuring cell or drawn in when the sample is entered. Thanks to KEM's patented bubble eliminating system these bubbles no longer cause erroneous results all of which improves the DA600 series density/SG meter accuracy and reproducibility.

  • Single button operation
  • Small sample size
  • Built in sampling pump
  • Viscosity correction for high-viscosity samples
  • Unsurpassed accuracy and reproducibility
  • Comes with Density Standard Liquid
  • Fully GLP compliant
  • No air bubbles, no contamination
  • Single temperature calibration for whole
    measuring range
  • Convenient preprogrammed methods
  • Density calibration prompt - user variable
  • Equipped with USB & LAN ports
  • Density calibration history
  • Powerful sampling pump for thicker samples

Applications: Beverages, foods, petroleum,
pharmaceutical, alcoholic beverages, etc.

3 models with different density accuracies.

Density Meters

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