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Lovibond Tintometer offer a series of high-precision, spectrophotometric colorimeters.

RT600-700-800 Series, Benchtop Reflectance Spectrophotometers

The RT600, RT700 and RT850i are compact, benchtop spectrophotometers in a choice of diffuse/8° sphere or 0/45 optical geometry. They are designed to give fast, precise and accurate colour measurement information on a range of products.

They provide absolute and difference measurements in various colorimetric systems.

Combined with the OnColorTM software package measurements can be downloaded, analysed in detail and stored indefinitely on a PC.


PFX 195, PFX 880,950 & 995 Series

The PFX195 range is supplied with a full range of colour scales for specific markets including, but not limited to, Petroleum products, Edible Oils, Industrial Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Brewing and Sugars.

The instruments are rugged colorimeters with a fabricated steel housing.

Each version is supplied with accessories and spares including; optical glass cells for the colour scales, a certified glass calibration filter, a spare lamp and user instructions.

Upgrade kits enable additional colour scales to be added to standard instrument versions. Each upgrade kit includes one or more cells of an appropriate size for the scale specified.

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