Research and medical laboratories need to monitor both the temperature and relative humidity of products during the entire cold-chain process to help ensure product integrity and to meet stringent health and safety regulations. (Transporting products such as vaccines, insulin, and blood products to end-users also requires careful planning, monitoring, and supervision).

Bell Technology offers a range of datalogging and monitoring instrumentation that can meet your needs. Below are listed some of our more popular products.

Cold Chain Monitoring | Vaccine

ESCORT iLOG Vaccine Temperature Datalogger
For the best protection of your valuable vaccines, medicines and pharmaceuticals. Displays and logs min/max temperatures, time outside specification, as well as current temperature. Easily fitted to inside or outside of fridge. Can be connected to autodialer, phone, mobile, security etc. (Download Brochure)

LogTag TRID30-7R Temperature Recorder
The TRID30-7 temperature recorder features a display together with a data logging function storing up to 7770 temperature readings.  Statistical temperature and duration readings for up to 30 days can be reviewed on the display. (Download Brochure)

TFA LT-102 Digital Laboratory Thermometer
A very reliable low cost digital thermometer for measuring the temperature of vaccines, medicines, pharmaceuticals in fridges and storage areas (Download Brochure).

Replaces the Bell 207N which has been discontinued (Download Brochure).


The LogTag® TRED30-7 Temperature Recorder
Measures and stores up to 7770 temperature readings over -40°C to +99°C (-40°F to +210°F) measurement range from a remote temperature probe. Statistical temperature and duration readings for up to 30 days can be reviewed on the display. The visual display of current temperature and previous alarms is an important feature in “static” applications such as cool rooms and refrigerators.
(Download Brochure)


Refer to our "Fridges | Freezers Section" for vaccine storage solutions

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