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The ESCORT MINI range has been especially developed for the transport industries, offering a low cost solution for meeting your temperature monitoring requirements. These loggers have internal or external sensor options and a large LCD display.

ESCORT Intelligent MINI®

  • Transport of temperature sensitive cargo
  • Storage of perishable goods
  • Monitoring of chilled food
  • Escort Console software and accessories compatible
  • Can be programmed in either Celsius or Fahrenheit

ESCORT iMiniPlus

ESCORT iMiniPlus range is extension and enhancement from Escort MINI.

  • with additional functionality including:
  • Start and Stop button
  • Multiple alarm settings
  • Enhanced LCD display
  • 8K memory size
  • Dry Ice version
  • PDF with USB version
  • Book marking and continuous logging mode
  • Better accuracy and 0.1 degree resolution
  • Can be programmed in either Celsius or Fahrenheit
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